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Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Stone - Replacement Stone

Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Stone - Replacement Stone

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Remain Hygienic

The oil-absorbing face roller effectively captures excess oil and gently removes dead skin cells from your skin, leaving it refershed and mattified. To remain effective and ensuring a smoother complexion at all times, the volcanic stone (ball) should be replaced. We recommend use of up to fourty times. 

Eco-Friendly The replacement stones are made from sustainable materials, reducing waste and contributing to a more environmentally friendly beauty routine.

Long-lasting Performance With durable volcanic stones, the replacement ensures a prolonged lifespan, allowing for continuous oil control and a cost-effective solution.

Hygiene Maintenance By replacing the old stone, you can ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene during your skincare routine, preventing the buildup of bacteria and potential skin irritations.

Renewed Effectiveness With a fresh volcanic stone, the oil-absorbing face roller maintains its maximum effectiveness, providing consistent oil control and a rejuvenating experience with every use.

Improved Durability Replacing the old stone ensures that you have a sturdy and resilient roller that can withstand regular use, providing long-lasting durability and reliable performance for an extended period of time. This eliminates the risk of the stone breaking or deteriorating, allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits of the oil-absorbing face roller without interruption.


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